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What is the Greatest Covenant

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Welcome to The Greatest Covenant Blog! Just to do a brief introduction, I'm Cassandra and along with my husband, Brendon, we started a podcast called "The Greatest Covenant". For many years we have felt a call on our lives to help couples, whether, engaged or married, be prepared and understand issues that they may face in their relationships. So, we decided to brainstorm some of the best ways to reach the masses.

During COVID, we were all confined to our homes. Business, churches, etc. had shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. It was at that moment that I heard the voice of the Lord tell me, "podcast". Now mind you, I knew nothing about or where to start for producing a podcast. This was new territory for me. I would say that I am pretty tech savvy and I knew my way around a computer, but podcasting? Where do I start. Well with research of course.

My husband calls me the researching in the relationship and that exactly what I did, I researched! I looked up different free trainings that I could do, figured out what the best microphones where, determined how we were to get our recorded voices into a program that I could edit what was recorded; it was a lot of work. But through trial and error, I was able to come up with good starter equipment to get us started and thus came our first episode...our introduction episode of The Greatest Covenant, recorded in 2020.

God has truly been in the mix of our podcast because we have been able to record and publish almost 30 episodes in this timeframe. We have talked about some fun topics like romance, dating and communication, as well as some serious episodes such as our grief story and our addiction/codependency episodes. The whole premise of our podcast is to talk about issues that couples may encounter and provide first, what the worldview says we should do and then provide a biblical view of what should be done. Let's face it, God created marriage to be a covenant between a man and a woman, as well as a covenant between Him and us as a married couple. And trust us, if you are engaged or married, your relationship will encounter issues.

So, welcome to The Greatest Covenant! You can listen to our episodes on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast and all of the other podcast platforms. We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our life. Remember, for more information about TGC you can reach us on our website at You can also follow us on FB and IG at TGC. You can also reach out to us via email at Don’t, share and rate our podcast!

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